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Wonder Boy For President


Brutus and Shakes are two shady politicians, who pull all the strings at the ANC’s Braamfontein branch. But trouble soon starts, when senior leader Comrade Sam is deployed from Luthuli house to shake things up at the troublesome branch. Brutus and Shakes are given a special directive to travel to the Eastern Cape.

Secretively, however, the shady comrades have already begun to make other plans. When the time is right, they plan to fix his fall from grace.

With their jobs on the line, their mission is simple: Find a prospective grass roots comrade, known only as Wonder Boy, and bring him back to Johannesburg. They are tasked with grooming him as a running candidate for a top government job.

Wonder Boy proves to be everything that people say of him: charismatic, authoritative and loved. Brutus and Shakes act fast, trying to coerce Wonder Boy into returning with them. While he is hesitant, they promise him opportunities to enrich and better the lives of everyday people in South Africa. This is something that appeals to Wonder Boy and he agrees to leave his commune.

On their arrival in the Eastern Cape, they stumble upon Wonder Boy’s commune. It is simple, but the community has a happy disposition.

Wonder Boy, Brutus and Shakes’ newest project, is a fast learner – Engaging with the media, clashing with the opposition

Released: 29 July 2016

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