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The Power of Three


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Michelle, Olivia and Lizzie were best friends at university. A team.

But that was 30 years ago.

Each woman dreads a reunion at Michelle’s 50th birthday party in London, England. Life hasn’t turned out exactly to plan for any of them: one failed marriage, stalled careers and no hope of romance. Are they too old to make a fresh start?

Not when they rediscover the bonds of friendship. Dreams aren’t just for the young.

But while Olivia and Lizzie get their lives back on track, Michelle’s dream remains out of reach.  She wants to direct her first feature film. But she can’t do it alone.

There’s a bigger community out there. People whose own dreams have been abandoned or set aside. People who’ve been relegated to “the sidelines, away from the main action.”

Filmmaking, like life, is beset with challenges: never enough money, bad weather, insecurities, conflicts and always the risk of running out time before accomplishing your goals.  And yet…

There’s a special satisfaction when the three women defy the odds and bring everyone else along for the ride.

Success has never been so sweet. Or so much fun.

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