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Mad Cow



Deep in the African Bush, a crazed scientist has stolen the body of a super-human android from a top secret military research base with the not-exactly-original plan of world domination. But finding the body he has stolen has no head, he grabs the nearest thing he can find, a cow’s head from a butcher’s fridge and puts the two together – Mad Cow is born!

Wielding a chainsaw, the Mad Cow goes on the rampage around the Boerewors Game Lodge, leaving a trail of bad special effects in his wake.

Enter undercover cop Vince Chopper, who together with vegetarian-waitress-turned-weapons-expert Charlize, does battle with Mad Cow in a series of off-the-wall action-packed set pieces.

They defeat the monster, find romance and have a braai – (South African barbeque) but prepare yourself for a series of increasingly off the wall twists, as it’s never over when you think it’s over….


Tanya van Graan
Greg Viljoen
Craig Brown
Tim Sandham
Angus Douglas




Michael Wright


Michael J. Rix


Jason Rogan
Doug Marschke
Tom George

Release Date

25 May 2011



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