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The Bang Bang Club


The Bang Bang Club was the name given to four young photographers: Greg Marinovich (Ryan Phillippe), Kevin Carter (Taylor Kitsch), Ken Oosterbroek (Frank Rautenbach) and Joao Silva (Neels Van Jaarsveld), whose photographs captured the final bloody days of white rule in South Africa. The film tells the remarkable and sometimes harrowing story of these young men – and the extraordinary extremes they went to in order to capture their pictures. Robin (Malin Akerman) is their photo-editor, who looked out for them, protected them and made sure their photographs were seen across the world.

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Based on the book by Marinovich and Silva, The Bang Bang Club tells the true story of these four young men, recounting their relationships with each other and the stresses, tensions and moral dilemmas of working in situations of extreme violence, pain and suffering. It is also the story of the final demise of apartheid and the birth of a new South Africa.

Before the world knew who Kevin Carter, Greg Marinovich, Ken Oosterbroek and Joao Silva were, everyone knew their photographs. Before the world truly understood the horror of apartheid, its violence had been exposed by the work of these extraordinary young men. On September 15th, 1990, Marinovich took a series of photographs for Associated Press which included the image of an ANC supporter hacking at a burning man. (Inhlazane, Soweto, Sept 15, 1990). The photograph won Marinovich a Pultizer prize. And then, in May, 1994, Carter won the Pulitzer for a picture first published in The New York Times of a starving Sudanese girl who collapsed on her way to a feeding center while a vulture stalked her nearby. But on April 18, 1994, nine days before South African first democratic elections, the Bang Bang Club were covering the violence in Thokoza township when Oosterbroek was killed in the crossfire between hostel dwellers and a South African peacekeeping force. Marinovich was wounded that same day., Two months later, in July, Carter took his own life.



Steven Silver


Ryan Phillippe
Malin Akerman
Taylor Kitsch
Frank Rautenbach
Neels Van Jaarsveld
Patrick Lyster
Russel Savadier

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Laszlo Barna
Lal Bahrwaney
Ahmed Omar Carrim
Shabir Carrim
Kweku Mandela Amuah
Chris Ouwinga
Neil Tabatznik
Patrice Theroux
Darryn Welch
Dr. Kwame Amuah
Jannie van Wyk


Adam Friedlander
Daniel Iron
Lance Samuels


Claire Welland
Carla Mowbray


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