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‘Semi-Soet’ earns more than R4 million at the box office

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Box office hit

Afrikaans romantic comedy ‘Semi-Soet’ has earned well over R4 million at the box office since it opened on 10 February 2012. The positive response from audiences and critics alike has seen the film holding screens successfully, with the per-cinema attendance average increasing from weekend 2 to weekend 3 by 7%. To date, it has been seen by more than 130 000 cinemagoers. The film’s position on the industry Top 10 improved from number 5 last weekend to number 4 this weekend.

This follows an excellent opening weekend in which ‘Semi-Soet’ earned more than R1,3 million at the box office, screening at 65 cinemas nationwide. It also managed to hold onto the number 2 position on the industry Top 10.

“In just three weeks on circuit ‘Semi-Soet’ has surpassed the life to date takings of popular comedies like ‘Bakgat’ and the small-town charmer drama ‘Jakhalsdans’. In 16 days on circuit. ‘Semi-Soet’ has already earned 55% of what the holiday crowd pleaser ‘Platteland’ earned during December,” says Helen Kuun, of Indigenous Film Distribution. “It’s taken R4,2 million so far and we expect the film to do significant business this coming weekend (9 to 11 March).”

Producer James Alexander says the secret to the film’s success is that it’s an excellent summer comedy supported by a great marketing campaign and a very amusing trailer. “As a romantic comedy, the film is easy to relate to, easily understood and topical. It’s also extremely funny. Its performance at the box office, even in this tough economy, has made it clear to everyone in the local film industry that people like to turn to pure entertainment when times are hard.”

‘Semi-Soet’ tells the story of workaholic Jaci van Jaarsveld, who will go to any lengths to protect her boutique advertising agency from being bought and dismantled by a ruthless businessman known as “The Jackal”. A huge contract to market a prestigious wine farm internationally will help save the agency, but winning the contract is no simple matter. When Jaci sets out to sign up her new client, a series of hilarious events unfolds.

‘Semi-Soet’ was conceptualised by Anel Alexander, Joshua Rous, James Alexander and Sandra Vaughn, and is directed by Joshua Rous (‘City Ses’la’) and produced by James and Anel Alexander’s Scramble Productions. The film stars Anel Alexander (‘Discreet’, ‘7de Laan’, ‘Binnelanders’), Nico Panagio (‘Die Storie van Susanna van Biljon’, ‘Survivor’), Diaan Lawrenson (‘7de Laan’, ‘Stander’), Paul du Toit (‘Liefling, Die Movie’, ‘Binnelanders’), Louw Venter (‘The Most Amazing Show’), and Sandra Vaughn (‘Getroud Met Rugby’).

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